Working in corporate finance in Paris, Aurore wanted a change in her life. With her husband alongside, she moved to Nantes in 2016 and developed a passion for sewing. Shortly after there move, her daughter, Louise, was born along with the Louisette brand!

Part of the Made in France movement, Aurore wants to support the local economy and let her fellow consumers know exactly where the products were coming from and who makes them, to help make sense of the situation.

Her inspirations come from colorful, cheerful and patterned fabrics that are influentially unique from what you can find in most current stores.

Her goal is to grow the Louisette branding! She wishes to have the privilege of having her products handmade only in France. Aurore is in search of a local workshop that could potentially aid her with her production which for now, is ensured solely by her two small hands! In doing this it will allow her to have more free time to create new collections and pamper her clients!