Originally from Paris, Agnès began her studies of jewelry in 2005. She first worked as a freelance for some brands of jewelry, then created her brand. But the universe and the identity of her brand took a long time to define itself. Around 2015 that the name of Miralys was imagined, with its own universe. A project that has matured for a long time, the work of a "fair line" that compliments  the body, in a minimalist style.

Agnès alone does everything for her beloved brand, as she say the entrepreneurship of the "Swiss knife" and being able to be multi functional.

Before Miralys she had another brand of jewelry, more humorous. However, she realized that it was impossible for her to work 2 companies at the same time. Having two different energies, she preferred to focus on only one thing, but doing it well while remaining totally impregnated, this is how inspiration comes to her.

She moved last year in Haute-Savoie and now lives in a haven of peace located in the mountains of the northern Alps, close to Switzerland.

Why Made in France products? Because she has created her collections in small series and uniquely crafted pieces. Agnès has no interest in outsourcing abroad which requires a large scale of quantities.

She likes to control the quality of her products and thinks she will have a hard time entrusting the project to a factory on the other side of the world.

Agnès has eclectic tastes, as much in the times as in the styles. She thinks that each mode corresponds to an expectation, a time when shift to a social movement, but as far as fashion is concerned, she admits that she naturally leans towards pure lines, which corresponds to her as elegance.

She likes this quote from Antoine De Saint Exupéry:

"Perfection is not achieved, not when there is nothing to add, but when there is nothing more to withdraw."

She plans to work silver jewels with precious and precious stones. The challenge is to keep the minimalist spirit by incorporating the color and brilliance of the stone.