Somewhere in the beautiful sunny city of Montpellier, the talented designer of Pop'line works hard everyday to create wondrous goods.

Claire has always loved lingerie, pin-up icons, english embroidery, and old lace. Her grandmother was a seamstress and passed on to her the love of mother-of-pearl buttons, memories of her teenage years during the 50's, and the style of chic women at that time, even during the time of war.                                                                                                   Her grandmother reminiscing on times where she would dye her legs with coffee or tea to create the look of nylon hosieries that were not available at the time, and drawing a line to give the illusion of a line of stitching.At this time it was very common and known as “liquid silk stitching”.                                                                                                     At school one day, she prospered the topic of a tied knot and the sensual side of a knot that is being undone, and her mind immediately linked this to lingerie.

She had created a mini corset, panties with knots on the sides (similar to our Alice garment) and garters, all in satin silk and Calais lace with satin ribbons.

Creating a black and white video with a girl who gently pulls the knots to undo while the music of Etta James, At Last, plays.

During the final stages to receive her college diploma, she crafted a homewear collection. Even if Claire did not know it yet, the first baby steps of Pop'line were already being born in her head.

Presented with the opportunity to show her first pieces in a shop, put to the test, she made a lot of combi shorts, homewear, and high waisted panties. Then came the frilly panties in 2012, then kimonos, and sets in Lace and so on.

For almost a year and a half she had a shop where she welcomed her clients, her  lingerie line developed further and at the beginning she would propose only complete organic pieces.

Pop'line was born in 2011 and the online site following in 2013. Pronounced Popeline

(referring to the cotton poplin, a light material used for tops or children's dress)

“Pop” for peas, pop-art and satin motifs and “line” for the reference to Maryline Monroe and her Hollywoodien glamor.

 Claire wears many hats, she does everything on her own from the drawings, the patronages, the gradation, production, packaging, the permanence of the shop and the marketing.

Making lingerie made in France was very important to her. She likes the idea of creating employment as well as ​​sustaining an ethical businesses.

There is ancestral know-how in France, being one of the countries renowned for its excellence and haute couture. It is essential for one to realize a project in the works in France and it saddens Claire to see companies close. Vanishing trades but fortunately there are young designers and startups who make local businesses work and reopen. There is a substantial movement in recent years in France that embodies the French know-how in the spotlight.

Claire’s inspirations are the 20's and 30's for their refinement, the Hollywood glamor and the pin-ups of the 50's. She loves Coco Chanel for being a liberated woman and creating comfortable but elegant clothes for women, for everyday life. Although she love corsets

Claire is committed to bio and ethics, not yet at performing with zero waste but most importantly to use ethical materials, free of harmful substances for the skin, especially for lingerie.

Claire would someday like to dye my fabrics with plants, nature offers us wonders but we must preserve it as well.

Her future plans include a crowdfunding campaign to develop the next collection

as well as finding a nearby workshop or qualified seamstresses, to outsource some parts of her creations.

In the long term, she would like to hire a team to help her in the company because alone it is quite difficult to do everything. Because she wants to grow and expand Pop'line to make a "House Pop'line", where she can make her own natural dyes. One day hoping for a swimwear and the launch of a wedding collection as well.